It's about process and commitment

SolutionTech processes have been implemented worldwide in many different operational environments.

We tailor our assignments to your particular need and focus. If you’d like help, we can help you develop better metrics, methods for accountability as well as a methodology to make your senior team more productive.

Sustained improvement requires commitment to a proven process with the correct driving metrics.

We bring light to ineffiencies, challenges and broken methods. With those exposed, you can then focus and develop an action plans around them. While it sounds so simple, commitment is tough when all around you there are operational wastes, employees set in their ways, and lack of support.


Order to Cash Business Process Enhancement

Manufacturing Operations Improvement

Acquisition Analysis & Assessment

Cost Analysis & Containment

Lean Manufacturing Implementation

Change Agent

Skilled Coach/Teacher

Site Performance Measurement

Manufacturing Services
Chemical Engineering


Coatings, Plastics and Adhesives

Paint Shop throughput improvements

Rheology control

Modeling and Simulation

3D AutoCAD

Using the latest Computer Aided Design software, our engineers can provide detailed 3D AutoCAD plant layouts of your manufacturing process. SolutionTech works closely with the client production staff to reduce wasted motion and optimize the manufacturing floor space.

3d autocad

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